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Made with loving attention to detail. Capture the hope, joy and love of your new arrival with a personalized baby blanket from Mother Goosh. Extra soft and cuddly, these huggable custom-made blankets are sure to become your baby's favorite.

The baby's name plus important details are custom sewn into the trim of these beautiful, soft, one-of-a-kind blankets.

With the baby's date and time of birth, length, weight and more, a personalized blanket from Mother Goosh will quickly become a new family heirloom.

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mini blankets Our Mini Blankets are perfect for your on-the-go tiny tots.

Only 14” x 14” but just as cuddly and adorable as our full sized blankets.

These carry-alongs make a great gift when ordered with our full-sized blankets.

Mother Goosh has your cuddly answer – natural, organic, environmentally-friendly bamboo. Yes, bamboo. Bamboo produces an exceptionally silky fiber that some say is softer and more supple than even cashmere. And it’s extremely strong. Much, much, much stronger, in fact, than other non-natural threads and fabrics. So you’ll be assured of countless years of durability.

It’s more expensive to produce, but if you want to have the greenest baby possible; Mother Goosh Bamboo is your cuddly answer. Let us personalize one for your baby today!
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