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                Ever since Mom introduced sewing to me at an early age, I have loved it.                   From my first 4-H projects that won ribbons at the State Fair to making
                   my own clothes, I've always taken pride in sewing in new and fun ways.

               When my son was born in the Winter 2000, I had a thought "What if I                sewed his birth announcement information into the trim of a cuddly             blanket? That way, he'd always have it and I could always cherish it, too."

        Word soon spread. I began making personalized baby blankets for friends   and neighbors that kids loved and moms adored.


Today, Mom and I run Mother Goosh Baby Blankets. Each blanket we do is unique. You pick the color of the blanket and the thread. Then each blanket is embroidered to order. We personalize your blanket with your baby's unique birth information — date of birth, weight, length, Mom & Dad's name, siblings names and more — all custom embroidered into the soft satin trim. It really is a very special, one-of-a-kind everyday keepsake.

I know that your Mother Goosh Baby Blanket will become what my son's blanket is to me — A soft and cuddly family heirloom that I love and will treasure forever.

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